Madame Royale Marie Therèse Charlotte was the eldest child of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette. By this, she was the great-granddaughter of Louis XV and the great-great-great-great granddaughter of Louis XIV.

Appearence Edit

She had her mothers blonde hair, rosy cheeks and a big smile.

History Edit

She was born in Versailles. Marie Antoinette called her: "Her own" as she would call all her daughters, because she meaned princes belonged to the state, but princesses belonged to her as mother. She was named after her maternal grandmother Maria Theresia and her second name came from her mothers favorite sister Maria Carolina who was known as Charlotte in the family.

In her youth, she lost her brother the Dauphin and her little sister Sophie Beatrice. During the revolution, she was seperated from her family. Her father was beheaded first, months after her mother followed. Marie Therese heard her brother cry much in the cell next to hers when he was beaten. He too, died of disease.

After the revolution, Marie Therèse was released at the eve of her sixteenth birthday. She married her cousin to restore monachy. When her uncle Charles X was king, she was Dauphine. While living in England, she took care of her uncle before he died of cholera. Her husband became known as Louis XIX for 20 minutes before abdicating. By this, she was queen for 20 minutes.

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