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"They have claimed I have lovers. Now they claim I have mistresses. I would not care if people were not trying to attack you through me..."

-Marie Antoinette to her husband, Louis XVI-[]

Queen Marie Antoinette of France, born Maria Antonia of Austria was the last queen of France and the youngest of eleven daughters to Maria Theresia.


During her youth her favorite sister was Maria Carolina. They remained contact through the years. Carolina was closest in age to Antonia and the two resembled one another like twins. Her least favorite sister was Mimi (her mothers favorite) as she would always betray her siblings.

At age 15, she was married of to the dauphin of France, Louis. She left Austria and would never return again. Her marriage to Louis was difficult, but eventually she gave birth to a daughter, whom she was forced to name after her mother. Two sons and a daughter followed. The latter would die in infancy and her first son (the dauphin) would also die at young age.

During the french revolution in 1789, she was captured along with her family. She was killed second, months after her husband had been beheaded. Her son Louis Charles was now known as Louis XVII but died in prison out of disease. The only one to survive was her daughter: Marie Therèse.


  • Maria Antoinette had rather bad eyes.
  • The actress that portrays her in Rise and Fall of Versailles is unknown.