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Princess Marie Adélaide of France was the fourth daughter of Louis XV and Maria Leszczynska but the third to reach adulthood. She is 13 years old in Rise and Fall of Versailles.


She was born the fourth child to the king and queen of France but she was the third to survive. She had a deep and bonding relationship with her younger sister Victoire Louise.


Marie Adélaide resembles her father with the same brown hair and brown eyes. Many courtiers say that she also resembles a older Sophie Philippine.


Madame Adélaide was very smart, played horn and harp and was fluent in French, English and Italian.


  • Marie Adélaide never married, like her sisters Henriette Anne, Victoire Louise, Sophie Philippine and Louise Marie.
  • Those five sisters were known as "Mesdames".
  • Marie Adélaide survived both her parents, her two brothers and all her sisters.
  • She was known as "Madame Troisième", "Madame Adélaide" and "Tetters", the last one being a nickname from her father.