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"Be so good to the French people they can say I've send them an angel, goodbye my child..."

-Maria Theresia to Maria Antonia-

Maria Theresia Amalia Walburga Christina was the mother of Marie Antoinette and a entire brood of other children. She married all her children off to gain power and glory for her family.


Maria Theresia offered Louis XV a daughter of hers (she had eleven) to marry his grandson Louis XVI. And so, she married her youngest daughter Maria Antonia/Marie Antoinette off to the future french king. Mother and daughter would not ever see one another again and after many years, Maria Theresia would finally die out of a disease.


  • Her favorite daughter was Maria Christina.
  • Maria Theresia only wore black after her husbands death.
  • Maria Theresia critiqued Marie Antoinette's marriage often, even though she arranged it herself. She didn't like how Marie Antoinette and Louis had different bedrooms, opposed to the shared bed for couples at her own court.
  • Maria Theresia wasn't loved by many of her children.
  • To prove her true faith and religion she named all her eleven daughters Maria, six daughters survived.
  • She demanded her daughters to name all their firstborn daughters after her: resulting in many royals named Maria Theresia existing during the 17th century.
  • The only daughter that refused was Maria Amalia.
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