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Maria Leszczynska was the Polish wife of Louis XV and Queen of France and Versailles. She was elder than Louis and a great friend of Madame de Pompadour while at Versailles.


Maria was married to Louis when they were very young. She was 22, and Louis was 15. After birthing 10 (!) children in 12 years, she officialy banned Louis out of her bedchamber and helped him search for his mistresses. The most known one being Madame de Pompadour.

Madame de Pompadour brought her great popularity, but her children absolutely loathed their fathers new mistress.


Maria Leszczynska was a very beautiful woman with blonde hair and green eyes. She also had a wonderful smile.


Maria Leszczynska was a very loving mother and wife. She was a quiet and accepting woman, restulting in her being ignored by most of the nobles at Versailles. She was great friends with Madame de Pompadour and they brought eachother great popularity.


  • She had 10 children, but 8 reached adulthood as two daughters died in infancy.
  • She was the first queen to have a great relationship with the Kings mistress.