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Archduchess Maria Carolina of Austria was the fifth daughter of Maria Theresia to survive infancy. She was one of the elder sisters to Maria Antonia.


Maria Carolina, or Charlotte as she was called, was one of the many many daughters of Maria Theresia. She was the second youngest daughter and grew up mostly with her little sister Antoine (Antoine was a nickname for Maria Antonia, later known as Marie Antoinette) and they looked so much alike, many thought them twins.


Maria Theresia married all her daughters off. Ferdinand was originally going to marry Charlottes elder sister Maria Gabriella but she died young. After, he was promised to marry Gabriella's younger sister Maria Josepha but she too died. Finally, he married Charlotte/Maria Carolina.

The marriage was a happy one, it resulted in 18 (!) children, but eleven of them died before the age of 11.


  • Charlotte, like all her siblings, hated her sister Maria Christina (Mimi).
  • She named her eldest daughter after her mother, just like all her siblings were forced to.
  • She also named her daughter after her sister Maria Amalia.
  • Her youngest surviving daughter was named after her sister Marie Antoinette.