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Princess Maria Amalia was the eight child of Frans Joseph I and Maria Theresia but the fifth to survive infancy. She became Duchess of Parma.


Maria Amalia was raised with 10 siblings, as 5 died in infancy. Because her four brothers were raised elsewhere, Amalia mostly grew up with her five sisters Marianne, Liesl, Mimi, Charlotte and Antoine.

Because of her wild, inappropriate and irresponsible beheavior, Maria Amalia had a tensed relationship with her mother. In fact, Maria Theresia said that out of all her daughters she had the worst type of contact with Amalia.


Amalia was wed off to the shy Ferdinand against her will. She wished to marry her true love, but her mother refused. Her mother allowed her favorite daughter Liesl however to marry to her loved one in the same year.

The marriage was a disaster as Amalia was completely unfateful. She had many affairs with almost all her (and her husbands) guards and was found gambling incognito in Parma multiple times. The pair had 4 children and were described as being both loving parents.


  • She was the only one of Maria Theresia's daughter not to name her firstborn daughter after Maria Theresia. All her brothers and sisters did however.