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"She has bought palaces all over France, and plans to buy even more!"

-Louise Elisabeth to her brother-[]

Princess Louise Elisabeth of France was the eldest child of Louis XV and Maria Leszczynska, the elder sister of Louis Ferdinand and aunt to Louis XVI.


She was born in Versailles in 1727 to Louis XV and Maria Leszczynska when they were 17 and 24. Minutes after her, her twin sister Henriette Anne was born. According to Rise and Fall of Versailles, she absolutely loathed Madame de Pompadour, as she is seen raging to her brothers and sisters about their fathers new mistress.


Louise Elisabeth has her fathers brown hair and her mothers green eyes, she resembles her twin Henriette Anne.


In Rise and Fall of Versailles, it is shown she is much more fiesty than her quiet twin sister. Furthermore, she is judgemental to the mistresses and quite stubborn but she cares a great deal about her parents, espacially her father.


  • Louise Elisabeth is one of the few "Mesdames" to actually speak in the show.
  • She married a Spanish prince and had three children.