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"Je suis roi de France!"

King Louis Auguste XVI, formerly known as Dauphin Louis Auguste was the last traditional king of France before the French Revolution. His younger brothers Louis XVIII and Charles X would success him as King of France.


Louis was a timid young man that was shy towards most people, including his wife for the first seven years of their marriage. This resulted in Marie Antoinettes struggle to get pregnant with an heir. He was a loving father to his four children, however.


He was the second son of Louis, dauphin of France and Maria Josepha of Saxony. Two elder sisters and a elder brother had died when they were still babies, so he was counted as the eldest son. He had two younger brothers: Stanislas and Charles. He also had two younger sisters: Elisabeth and Clothilde.

His marriage was arrenged by his grandfather Louis XV and Maria Theresia, whose youngest daughter he would marry. After many years of trying, the pair finally had a child (Marie Therèse). Their eldest son Louis Joseph died at age 7 and their daughter Sophie Beatrice died at age 1.

He was captured and beheaded in the French Revolution, just like his wife. His youngest son also died but Marie Therese survived.

There were more kings after Napoleons defeat. His son was known as Louis XVII. Both his brothers were king, succeeded by Charles' son Louis XIX.