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The Holy Roman Emperor Leopold II of Habsburg is the second born son of Maria Theresia and the sixth of her many children to survive infancy. He is the younger brother of Marianne, Joseph, Mimi, Liesl and Amalia as well as the older brother of Ferdinand, Charlotte, Antoinette and Max.


Leopold was born as the ninth child of the sixteen children of Maria Theresia and the emperor of Austria, but only ten children survived infancy. He was the sixth out of them.

Leopold was a funny and popular man at his home court. He was more loved by the nobles than his elder but soft hearted brother Joseph. He was also known for his countless affairs with all kinds of women during his youth and marriage.


Just like all his nine siblings, Leopold was married off to a royal far away. His wife was princess Maria Luisa of Spain. He did care for her but not quitly as much for their wedding vows as he had many affairs with ladies at court.

When Joseph died with the only issue being one single daughter, Leopold was happily acclaimed emperor. Leopold brought reliance to his reign, as he had 10 sons with issue of themselves by that time.


  • His sisters are Princess of Saxony, Duchess of Parma, Queen of Naples and Queen of France.
  • His brothers were Emperor of Austria, Duke of Breisgau and Archduke of Austria.