Princess Henriette Anne of France was the second-born daughter of Louis XV and Maria Leszczynska and the younger twin of Louise Elisabeth.

History Edit

Henriette Anne was the second child of Louis XV and Maria Leszczynska and she grew up greatly loved by her parents. She absolutely loathed Madame de Pompadour. She never married or had any children.

Personality Edit

Henriette Anne was the quieter one of the twins. In Rise and Fall of Versailles this is shown by her not having any lines at all. Henriette Anne was greatly ignored by her brothers and sisters in the past.

Appearence Edit

Like her twin sister Louise Elisabeth, Henriette had brown hair like their father but her mothers green eyes.

Relationships Edit

Louise Elisabeth Edit

Henriette Anne was particulary close to her twin sister out of all siblings. When Louise married and left Versailles, Henriette Anne was even heartbroken.

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